Automatic Ampoule/ Vial Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

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Automatic Ampoule/ Vial Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / Unit

The AIARL 200/ 300 is a fully automatic vertical rotary sticker labeling machine. This machine is suitable to apply full/partial wrap around self adhesive labels precisely on different size of round ampoule/vial.

Loading of ampoules/vials are done by loader tray and collecting of ampoules/Vials are done by collection tray.

The AIARL200/300 is one of the high speed/ most user compatible, fully protected and almost maintenance free.

Operation of this machine is fully synchronized. Capability of this model is labeling up to 200/300 BPM depending on products and label size.


  • S. S. 304 constructions including main machine frame.
  • Very smooth and high speed of operation.
  • Automatic label length detection system.
  • Online speed can be vary at single point.
  • Fully password protected (Not required by operator).
  • Built in AC Freq. drive system.
  • Output upto 200/300 BPM.
  • Accurate label placement
  • Built in product counter.
  • Suitable for Glass, Plastic tube, etc.

Product Details:

Model AISL100/200/300
Output/Min.* Up to 100 – 200 – 300
Power Supply 1 Phase, 230V, 50Hz AC Supply