Our Mission


Develop a state-of-the-art breakthrough, low energy recycling technology that is specifically designed to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

Continuously search technical enhancements for our ever-evolving technology platforms.

Forge strategic win/win for both industry and the environment through the development of advanced low energy state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Vision

To protect the environment by fully eliminating factory raw material wastage, incineration, landfill and transport loadings related to factory waste.

To provide a technology that will enable SMEs and MNCs achieve environmental targets, convert waste streams into vast revenue streams, eliminate landfill and incineration related costs, eliminate waste related transport costs and reduce cost spent on raw materials.

Best in Class Pulp Purity

The Problem

Incumbent air assisted recycling technology cuts the diaper into small pieces, either by buster fan or shredder. It is this cutting process that creates small plastic pieces that later travel through the holes in the sieve. This failure mode causes the pulp stream to be contaminated with small plastic pieces. In the past, this failure mode was not so critical as most back sheets were white. However, with more and more printed back sheets have compounded this problem making the small plastic pieces easy to see for the customer and causing customer complaints.

Our Solution

Our new breakthrough recycling process does not cut the diaper which prevents small plastic pieces from occurring. Solving the root cause of this process issue provides unparalleled pulp purity. For customers selling their reclaim pulp, this results in a higher selling process. For customers re-feeding the pulp back into their core-former, pulp can be re-fed risk free without creating any consumer noticeable defects.

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